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Changing the Color of Your Hardwood Floor

May 17, 2024

Do you have an older hardwood floor and wish it was a different color? Can you even change the color of hardwood floors? If this is a concern of yours, I want you to know you are not alone in the world. We have a segment of our business dedicated to people just like you.

One of the great things about ¾” solid hardwood floors is the fact that, if done correctly, it can be sanded about 5 times. This gives a homeowner the ability to update their hardwood floors. Unlike carpet or laminate floors, you can update the color of your floors without removing existing materials. Hardwood can be updated without the hassle of tearing it out to replace with something new.

A professional company like The Ohio Floor Company can sand your existing hardwood floors. This gives them the needed updates at a price that is less than the installation of a new hardwood floor.

During the sanding process, we will strip your floors down to bare wood. This will allow the removal of dents and scratches. The process will bring the wood back to like-new condition.

With all the stain and finish removed the floor is a blank canvas. It can be stained and finished to whatever color you desire. This can change the complete feel and look of your home.  

We have had customers that have removed carpet and found hardwood floors underneath. Beautiful floors that have been hidden for years. A good sanding job brought these floors back to life, creating a new feel and look to their home. 

Other customers have bought a home and hired us to sand an existing hardwood floor. Then, we simply changed the color to match their décor and style. As we said before, this process allowed for a new look without having to replace the existing flooring.

If you have an old hardwood floor in your home, don't worry! You can update it without having to replace it. You can have the skilled professionals at The Ohio Floor Company come in and bring that floor back to life. And you have the ability of changing the color, making it reflect your personal style and décor.